Friday, November 27

MARKET KITCHEN's that time of year again....CHRISTMAS TV! We attended the filming for Market Kitchen Christmas show this week. Which was fun, as it involved Christmas dinner for breakfast!
Upon arrival, there was a mince pie taste test (this is at 8am!!)...and before 0930hrs we were eating beef....! Anyway it was an excuse to get dressed up in our Christmas best (pink cowboy boots and my new Brooke Roberts catsuit) and mingle with celeb chefs.
Phil Tuffnell turned up and made some very potent sangria around 11ish....and can you believe it .....they even had a BAKED CHEESECAKE recipe! Ha!
Now, I am biased about my cheesecake...but only because I am SO  passionate about it! This was an 'Italian American Cheesecake' it was made with Ricotta. Now I have used ricotta before, and I'm always interested in learning new techniques....or just seeing how other people do things....I must say I wasn't impressed....too many eggs = wrong consistency.
I then aquired a pumpkin....and went home and baked a pumpkin cheesecake....shame I wasn't in the States...
So...a fun day all round...they're filming another Christmas show next should be going along!
Once a week fine dining for breakfast makes me happy!

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