Saturday, November 21


So it never rains but it pours...quite literally! So far this month there's been so much going on that it hasn't managed to dampen the mood.
Halloween TG was the chance to throw myself in the deep end and bake 85 alcoholic cheesecakes in 24 hours! Grasshopper and Chilli was fun to bake them in cupcake size actually...and of course they were accompanying the mini works of art that were the amazing alcoholic cupcakes from There May be Truffles Ahead! Watch this space for more cupcake parties....!

I am going to be going full speed ahead with the cheesecake if anyone would like a custom cheesecake for any occasion let me know! Website coming soon.....

This week is of course American Thanksgiving and so I have come up with a Pumpkin Cheesecake....Recipe to follow....

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