Sunday, November 29

PORTOBELLO was busy busy busy..I was on the West Side...doing a few work things and also doing  a bit of shopping/scouting. So there was a lot of cool stuff around...and it's always nice at this time of year when that Christmasy feel is in the air....
I checked out a very cool boutique Kokon Tozai on Golborne Road...the interior of this store is amazing...its a real all round shopping experience...high end clothing, jewellry and lots of other interesting stuff...and it's sandwiched between random food stores etc...definitely worth heading over there! They also have a store in Soho....and Paris. Check them out at
I must say though...that I think I bagged THE BEST BUY of the day...
At the very end of the day whilst heading to the bus I spotted out of the corner of my eye....THE ULTIMATE JACKET....
It was on a small stall with two middle aged ladies selling a hot potch of stuff...mostly not good.... oversized sequined blazer...I recognised instantly it was Escada Couture as it has the same tailoring and unusual cuffs that my own beauty has....when I went over for a further inspection...the label had been removed...but sure enough the lining was Escada. So I asked how much....and got it for £20!  Its amazing - forget any of these high street imitations...this is the real deal...high quality and good tailoring for a start....AMAZING sequined lapels and cuffs (which are removable)...seriously oversized with SHOULDER PADS....I'm in love.
So I now have 2 fabulous oversized Escada Couture jackets...but you know one can never have too many! What was SO good about it was the lovely ladies had no idea...I did tell them it was Escada but they just said it looked great on me...maybe its the scouse accent...! I tried it on and it looked amazing!!! So I then left very happy...and all the other things that had caught my earlier seemed less amazing! Oh and topped off with a cup of mulled wine and a flake (which I stole from the hot guy selling hot chocolate...he let me of course!)....all in all a very productive day...for both business and pleasure! Back home...have baked 2 cheescakes (Cinnamon white chocolate and pumpkin seed) for brunch in the country tomorrow....and am now off out! what shall I wear??

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